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Stars Packed into the Valentino Replica Handbags 2018 annual Valentino Replica Handbags handbag show nature in a New York Valentino Replica Handbags 2018 the fashion show, many celebrities were in attendance to watch our photos. Fashion front row of the parade is always a game of your own fashion show, but women from the world of fashion to all corners come out to participate in the 2018 resort show, and fascinated me. I’m sure the runway on the trunk is equally noteworthy. If not, Amanda will tell you. Don’t miss the PB extensive coverage of the resort in 2018 series at the moment.

Replica Valentino Christina Ricci
We should pay special attention to Christina’s Christina Ricci bring everything, because of course this is Valentino Replica Handbags’s. For a long time of looking at her divine and simple, no rock Valentino Replica Handbags black Leopard shoulder bag, because I feel we will see more of these. By Nordstrom buy Valentino Replica Handbags Panther shoulder bag($ 2,545)

Replica Valentino Danielle Bernstein
Fashion blogger Danielle Bernstein(DanielleBernstein may not know she would be in when leaving the house with Christina’s Christina Ricci direct competition, a competition for the best participants of the attire, but sometimes life quickly attack you. She brings an extremely delicate Valentino Replica Handbags My Rockstud mini bag. Through mytheresa. com buy Valentino Replica Handbags My Rockstud mini bag$ 1,345)

Glenda Bailey Replica Valentino
“Harper’s Bazaar”editor-in-chief Glenda Bailey does not feel Valentino Replica Handbags the Valentino Replica Handbags bag brought to the Valentino Replica Handbags’s on the stage, but when you are in the game to the top, you don’t have to playing! Glenda brought Gabriella Hirst Nina Bag, just because she can.

Charlotte Groeneveld Replica Valentino
Fashion guitar Dutch blogger Charlotte Groeneveld to the eye-catching blue suede Valentino Replica Handbags Rockstud Spikes shoulder bag attended the exhibition. She wore a lush floral pattern of the pants, I want to use my Wallpaper decoration. By farfetch. com buy Valentino Replica Handbags Rockstud Spikes package$ 2,795)

Helena Christensen Replica Valentino
Danish model Helena Christensen(Helena Christensen chose a sparkling Valentino Replica Handbags Rockstud clutch bag to complete all of her fashion show ensemble. Obviously, since 2008, Helena has been with Interpol’s Paul banks to get married, and I don’t know. Through Net-a-Porter to buy Valentino Replica Handbags Rockstud clutch bag for$ 1,795)

Linda Fargo Replica Valentino
Bergdorf Goodman women’s fashion Director came to Valentino Replica Handbags and RED Valentino Replica Handbags clothing shop, but she, like Glenda, like, put her Valentino Replica Handbags handbag left in the home. She brought a black leather VBH Brera bag. By Neiman Marcus to buy VBH Brera bag$ 7450)

Nicky Hilton Replica Valentino
Nicky Hilton also brought Valentino Replica Handbags Rockstud Spikes Bag, her version is luscious black velvet. This style in recent weeks has been the Star of some of the respected, but I don’t think the stars are in the daytime or night time works best? By farfetch. com buy Valentino Replica Handbags Rockstud Spikes package for$ 2,595)

Replica Valentino Olivia Palermo
Finally, here is Olivia Palermo, he can always rely on the appropriate designer Duds to designer fashion show. She brought a beautiful, multicolored/patterned Valentino Replica Handbags lock bag, and also wearing a RED Valentino Replica Handbags coat, I guess. By Neiman Marcus to buy Valentino Replica Handbags lock bag$ 2,645)

Attention Replica Valentino Bags 2016 Fall / Winter accessories and now the best shop if you remember Replica Valentino Bags Spring / Summer 2016 collection, then this brand will be the Africa of the bag details on the runway. These bags intricate, gorgeous, 2016 fall accessories have followed suit, but this time the theme idea is different.

Designers Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli in the fall of the bag in search of a natural pattern. You’ll also notice a brand new bag, such as a saddle bag and a small crossbody, as well as heavy metals, tassels and embroidery on the bag. This season is also the highlight of the package band, this is the entire development of the industry trend. Although these straps are mostly separate sales, but some brands of bag has been equipped with these new fall bags the guitar-style bag strap.

Summer is coming to an end, the Replica Valentino Bags runway and other fall styles currently available for purchase or pre-order. See below for our favorites. Replica Valentino Bags most of the time from the Rockstud bags to the 2017 spring when you think of the need to change the brand, Replica Valentino Bags does not think. The Rome-based design company is in one of the most profitable and the most popular of the period, inlaid accessories, and a transparent dress for a wide range of fan base has laid a solid aesthetic Foundation. Until recently, did not see any signs of change, but then Dior poach the brand’s head design Duo the half, Maria Grazia Curi Maria Grazia Chiuri, and all of a sudden appeared several question marks.

The Brand of the 2017 Spring Fashion Show, Pierpaolo Piccioli the debut, it should be putting down all these problems. This series not only meet him in the Replica Valentino Bags(Replica Valentino Bags)all the way under the leadership of the Chiuri start of many traditional, and most of the clothing are not so formal. Of course there is the dress, but it is also the day you can wear the Replica Valentino Bags.

Of course, we are most concerned about is the bag, although on the runway and the bolt, but the bag of more simple, but also for the brand before the fans almost no requirements. If Chiuri and Poccioli division know Jan delivers, then the next era is the Replica Valentino Bags of the next era, then I want her to be in Dior very happy. Replica Valentino Bags’s usually just for it’s autumn and leisure series release a lookbook, but since Maria Grazia Chiuri left Dior and her former partner, Pierpaolo Piccioli, took full creative control, brand how to do a slight change. On Wednesday, Piccioli in New York the Beekman hotel Beekman Hotel exhibited Replica Valentino Bags 2017 fall before the show, the runway bag worth a try.

At the exhibition without the side details photo-or at least we couldn’t find, but fortunately in front of the runway to shoot some pretty good bags. The big story is a big bag debut, will appear in the include pattern fur and glossy crocodile including a large number of colors, leather and trim. This fills the Replica Valentino Bags product line-up in a blank, the previous Rockstud handbag have not done this before: a spacious, beautifully structured daily package.

Look at that bag all the versions, and below the runway on the other version.