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The Replica Valentino Bag label on the left is a good illustration of an asymmetric logo plate. Here you can see that there are a number of places where the label is uneven in relationship to the leather edge and the stitch lines, as well as the stitch lines in relation to the leather’s edge. This is an automatic red flag. Naturally this is an obvious example. At times the asymmetry will be much more subtle, but nonetheless detectable.

1. This (circle) highlights the stitch lines themselves. Here you can see that the stitch lines are unevenly spaced from each other, and uneven in length in relation to the other stitch lines. Sloppy stitch lines are always a universal red flag.
2. This (circle) illustrates the spot where the fake metal Valentino plate actually overlaps the stitch line in the bottom right corner.
3. These lines illustrate the asymmetry of the metal Valentino plate in relation to the leather backing.